What is Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is the art of working long-term and closely with a successful person (client) without needing to be physically in the client’s office, and providing top-notch administrative services to that client.*

A virtual assistant can be the answer for a small or micro business owner who needs an administrative and/or personal assistant in order to free his own time to grow his business. As your business grows and you find that you can no longer “do it all” yourself, you may feel frustrated or harried. All of those little details of working ON your business are keeping you from working IN your business. You know you need help, but you do not have the space for an assistant. You realize that you will not only need the physical space, you will need new furniture and office equipment to support an assistant. You may wonder if you have enough work to keep an assistant busy. You will need to deal with payroll, and taxes. You wonder how to *fix* this problem so you can continue to grow.

As a virtual assistant I am an independent business owner. I already have the space. I have the furniture, equipment and (probably) the software, and I pay my own taxes. ALL of the time you pay for with me is productive time. Even though we may be hundreds of miles apart, through the ‘miracle’ of new technology, it is possible to work wonderfully well together. The most important thing for us to have to work well together is what I call “fit”, and I have a three step process for us to determine that together.

Step one is a “get acquainted” phone call that lasts about 15-20 minutes. We will not be talking business, just getting to know each other a bit.

Step two is a phone call that lasts 60 to 90 minutes (maximum). We will discuss your needs, the things that cause you pain in your business, and those places where you feel stuck. We will also discuss how I work with clients and how my practice runs.

Step three is a 90 minute (max) phone call where we talk a little more deeply about our business practices, goals and expectations.

The purpose of these three calls is to determine whether we would work well together in a long-term, collaborative relationship. If at any time in this process either of us decides the other person is not a good fit, we just let the other know and break off the process. This in no way means that either of us is *bad*, we may just not be the best together. If we break off the process, I will certainly help you find another VA who may fit with you better.

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