Virtual Assistance Rates

I offer both Retainer and Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) pricing plans for clients. Retainer pricing packages start at 10 hours per month and can be customized to any amount above that to meet your needs. PAYG is just that; I work for you and bill for the hours at the end of the month.

The basic 10 hour Retainer package is $420 per month. The PAYG rate is $47/hour. I bill in 10 minute increments and unused hours do not roll over. Additional hours used above your retainer is billed at $42/hour on the following month’s invoice. I remain mindful that your financial resources are not infinite, therefore I will contact you if we are getting close to the top end of your retainer and you are still giving me new work to do for that month.

Besides the lower hourly rate, the advantage to a retainer package is that you are assured I will have those hours available for YOU.

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