Let me help you succeed !

Many times entrepreneurs, “solopreneurs” and small business owners find themselves stymied as they attempt to grow their businesses because of the time it takes to do the nuts and bolts things that actually make it run. The real estate professional is good at listing properties, finding buyers and working through the whole sales process. The professional writer has great ideas, knows how to develop them into a story and how to get them published. However as their businesses grow, it takes more and more time to keep up with their books, or place the property advertising, or proofread letters and other items that need to go out; or maybe they need someone to order cards, gifts or flowers for a friend’s or acquaintance’s birthday. These are just a few of the needs that can be filled by a virtual assistant.

Just as a plate can only hold so much sand before it begins to run off the sides, one person can only do so much before he becomes overloaded and inefficient. Hiring a VA makes the ‘plate’ larger and allows the business owner to do more of those things he loves and is really good at doing. In addition to handling paperwork or other items that the business person does not need to do personally, the VA can be a safe sounding board, listening to and either playing ‘devil’s advocate’ or giving encouragement to the ideas a business person has. A virtual assistant can then, in essence, come alongside a busy professional to help him build his business.

The person who can most benefit from hiring a VA is someone who is busy, doing well financially, knows she needs help to grow, is online, and can see how partnering with another independent business professional whose skills complement hers will bring value to her own business.